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Jo Malby - Writer & natural healing aficionado
"You can fix anything but a blank page." - Nora Roberts

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I began writing professionally in 1998. Specialising in natural health, nutrition, lifestyle, fitness, esoteric mind-body-spirit healing, life-coaching, complimentary health and a myriad of holistic health techniques and spiritual schools of thought, working primarily as a magazine feature writer. After many years of writing short stories and poetry, I'm currently making the transition from non-fiction to fiction and tentatively outlining and writing my first novel.

I've worked as a freelance journalist, feature writer, staff writer, ghost writer, editor and production controller. I was contributing editor to Shape magazine UK, working in-house at both Health & Fitness and Here’s Health magazine; as well as writing for Natural Health, Women’s Health, Top Santé and a variety of specialist health magazines, nationally and internationally.

I have also worked at the other end of the Eastern-Western medical spectrum, as a production controller at Elsevier Science. Also at Channel One television, shadowing video journalists/working at the channel; then moved to the London Evening Standard website before becoming freelance.

For the task of the writer is not to attain recognition or reward but to meditate upon our passing world and, through the working magic of language, awaken in the solitary reader a sense of wonder at that world.

Despite CRPS (a complex neurological pain disease) arriving with a jolt at 22, I built a successful career as a freelance journalist and magazine feature writer. Five years later, a car accident lead to full-body CRPS, and though forcing me to stop swooping up to London to write, while in ongoing rehabilitation, I collected many diverse diplomas, mainly in the natural health and healing fields, being an infomaniac, and inhaling books for air.

The silver lining in this is the offering from a writer’s life in disability and pain: One site to help others living in pain/with rare, complex chronic illness, the other fusing the things I love most (save travel and the sea), writing and creativity with Eastern wisdom and wellbeing.

I accept feature writing commissions whenever physically possible. Visit my shiny new website here.


I'm a bibliophile with a particular fondness for creativity, global healing and spiritual systems, mythology, art, history and all things literary. Love music, and am usually found writing, reading, meditating or twisted into an asana.

I adore writing in all its forms and am on a quest to find healing for myself and the many members of my healing website. It’s a continuous search for the elusive, yet an effective [and loving] means to help others inflicted with severe pain through the written word.

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Non-Fiction Specialties

My published work has appeared in many national UK health magazines and a large number of the women's consumer and health press, nationally and internationally. Examples of regular contributions include Health & Fitness magazine, Natural Health, Top Santé, Here's Health, B, Red, Healthy Eating, Shape, Women's Health; with regular syndication in the Sunday Mail and You magazine, as well as in international editions and other publications.

I specialise in natural health, nutrition, fitness, lifestyle, holistic healing, Taoist healing, mind-body-spirit healing, Eco-living, life-coaching, complimentary health and a myriad of healing systems and schools of thought.

Fiction & Poetry

A prolific reader and writer of short stories, prose, and poetry, after years of being far too shy with it, finally submitted short fiction in 2014 which was published in online and print literary journals. I am also now writing my first full-length novel. I mostly write historical fiction, also more contemporary pieces, and the occasional piece of steampunk or dark fairy tale.