Jo Malby - Writing
Jo Malby - Writer & natural healing aficionado
Non-Fiction Writing

I specialise in natural health, nutrition, fitness, lifestyle, mind-body-spirit healing, Eco-living, life-coaching, complimentary health and a myriad of holistic techniques and schools of thought (with particular interest in Taoist health/inner alchemy, shamanism/indigenous healing, Huna, Ayurveda).

My features and writing have appeared in the majority of the national UK health magazines and a large number of the women's consumer press and lifestyle press, nationally and internationally; examples of regular contributions include Health & Fitness magazine, Natural Health, Top Santé, Here's Health, B, Red, Healthy Eating, Shape, Women's Health; with regular syndication in the Sunday Mail and You magazine, as well as in international editions and other publications.

Feature Articles - 400-5000 word features
Feature Ideas - Including cover-lines/titles/synopsis